the information age

the information age

Such a pleasure to experience the Information Age. Thanks to human innovation, a seemingly infinite amount of information is literally in our pockets, at our fingertips, a couple mouse clicks away. Never in the history of the world has news been available so widespread or traveled so fast.

While remarkably informative, these times are also rife with the dangers of deception and misinformation. Governments willfully and outright lie to their constituents. Once considered the fourth estate, major media outlets now compound government deceit with corporate propaganda that only amplifies the treachery – always to the detriment of the working class. Proletarians in America and around the world are waking to these realities. Which helps explain why I’ve been asked on several occasions, “Which news sources are trustworthy? Where do you go to stay informed?”

Filtering through ruling class propaganda is not always easy, especially from within the confines of the American Empire. It requires piecing together information from several sources. Said sources – whether mainstream or independent – must be objectively vetted, as no news organization is beyond reproach. Then given diligent research, dots can be connected and a clear picture formed. That said, the following are a few news outlets that I frequent.


When domestic affairs are the focus, I visit Democracy Now!, Real News Network, The Final Call and others. Each offers independent, uncompromising journalism – that covers a whole host of national issues – as well as ample insightful viewpoints.

On the subject of foreign policy and international news, I frequent Russia Today, Press TV and Global Research, to name a few. Their reporting, too, is hard-hitting and stands in stark contrast to the profit-driven infotainment that clogs American airwaves.

Of course, in keeping with today’s technology, each station mentioned has a YouTube channel and – in some cases – a mobile app. Much more important - as well as more convenient - than ever before, staying well-informed is not an option. It is our duty.