what SHOULD happen regarding Syria.

what SHOULD happen regarding Syria.

A popular and just position to take in the discussion about Syria has been "no military action"; a stance that only a warmonger could disagree with. However, the position needs elaboration, if not clarification. No military action does not mean no action. Here's one proletarian's view of what should be done regarding the Syrian crisis...


1. The client states in the region (Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, etc.) should stop facilitating and the Western powers (US, Britain, France) should stop financing the terrorists waging war on the Syrian people.

2. The nations responsible for Syrian bloodshed – to include Israel – should pay reparations to the Syrian people; restitution to the families of the deceased, medical care for the wounded, and rebuilding of Syrian infrastructure.

3. Every government official involved in the destruction and destabilization of Syria – as well as the bankers who control them – should be indicted for crimes against humanity, tried and punished accordingly.