Hand - in - Hand

Often times,

I close them shut

just to remind myself

that while these thoughts

are quite intriguing,

for the sake

of my mental health,

I must get lost

in my own.

Though it can get intense

and downright overwhelming,

when I'm in my mental space,

it aint shit nobody can tell me.

No opinions, no judgement.

NOW is all there is to embrace.

Then I turn to right where

I left off

just about half way

down the page.

Eager to explore

the thoughts of a person

that's probably twice my age.

It's the beauty that he shares.

And it's the wisdom that she imparts.

That has me inspired,

not to write,

but to create verbal art.

Have your tears fallen

on a page of poetry?

If so, then you understand.

That similar to life and death,

writing and reading go hand in hand.