Dear Police Officer, #WeSeeYou Alright

We see you, not through the admirable lens that the State would like us to see you, but we see you as the domestic arm of US imperialism. We see you, not as a benevolent group of selfless servants, but as the most notorious gang in human history.

We see you harassing people, we see you threatening people, we see you robbing people on a daily basis. We see you enforcing the systemic racism upon which these United States were built. We see you kidnapping and caging millions of our fellow humans. We see you slaughtering Black people literally every other day. We see you brutalizing protesters. We see you gunning down children. We see you invading homes. We see you terrorizing peaceful people for possessing a plant. And we see you murdering any who dare to resist such barbarism. We see you persecute gamblers and prostitutes among others whose so-called crimes have no victim.

As for accountability, we see you hiding behind "just doing my job" and other such cowardly rhetoric. As for punishment, we see you on paid leave until a department investigation gives you the green light to commit more crimes against humanity.

As for the so-called good cops, we see you as non-existent. We see you obeying the same orders issued to your bloodthirsty brethren. We hear your silence in light of the most egregious police action. And we see your complicity in the common-place terror inflicted upon the working-class. We see the best of you questioning, challenging and disobeying the commands of your political masters.

The best of you, we see refusing orders to abuse your fellow citizens. The best of you, we see resigning from the police force while encouraging your colleagues to follow suit. The rest of you . . .

We'll see.