My Thoughts on #MarriageEquality

My Thoughts on #MarriageEquality

I think it's a shame. That was my response when asked about the recent Supreme Court ruling on marriage equality. I think it's a shame that nine people are so trusted and allowed to make such crucial decisions that affect millions. However, the status quo, up until now, was more shameful. Millions of people being denied the legal protections and financial benefits of marriage equality is wholly nonsensical.

Since the news broke, I've witnessed mixed reactions. Most people are pleased - to one degree or another - that this wrong was just made right. And I salute those who recognize and celebrate the humanity of our homosexual family. Much to my personal pleasure though, there are many privileged people among us, who are distraught at this development.

"But it's unnatural! Same-sex couples can't procreate! The bible forbids it!"

These are the types of arguments we often hear put forth in opposition to same-sex partnerships. Also a shame, as each of these points is so easily refuted. Hundreds upon hundreds of different species engage in homosexuality. The overwhelming majority of sex among homosapiens is recreational, not for procreation. And so what if the bible condemns it?!? That book is a cultural relic of centuries past put together by imperfect (and sometimes sinister) human beings. It is by no means the blueprint for a peaceful life in the 21st century.

My increasing disdain for government notwithstanding, extending the constitutional guarantees afforded heterosexuals to homosexuals was not only right to do; it was long overdue. Though I maintain that no couple - gay or straight - needs our class enemies to validate their union, I am happy that life got a little less hard for millions of my fellow humans. Bless.