Why No Remorse For Dead Pigs
Being an old farm boy myself, chickens coming home to roost never made me sad; they always made me glad.
— Malcolm X [on the assassination of John F. Kennedy]

Think about that statement. Think about its underlying implications, the gamut of emotion that it conjures, the amount of feathers that it ruffles to this day. Think about how those same implications, those same emotions and ruffled feathers present themselves today. How when State-sponsored terrorism comes back to haunt the servants of empire, there dwells a quiet satisfaction of bearing witness to the culmination of the Hebrew scripture Galatians chapter six verse seven: For whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. How when the impunity with which the State commits crimes against humanity is challenged, those same sentiments expressed through Brother Malcolm resonate in the hearts and minds of field negroes everywhere. Sometimes those crimes look like ordering the escalation of the occupation of Southeast Asia. Sometimes they look like executing one’s own citizens in cold blood. Sometimes the harvest looks like a political assassination. Sometimes it looks like an ambush against State mercenaries.

It was Huey P. Newton who said that, “The gun in the Establishment’s hand makes the Establishment secure in its exploitation.” That these crimes against humanity are only made possible by the military and the police. That without troops willing to enforce the edicts of criminals calling themselves government, the amount of suffering in this world would absolutely plummet. That there could not exist the customary extortion, kidnap and incarceration of millions upon millions; nor the immoral prosecution of victimless crimes like gambling, drug possession, and prostitution without legions of so-called law enforcers. That the carpet bombing of civilian populations in Cambodia is only made possible because US troops are willing to drop those bombs. That the summary execution of Black people every 28 hours is only made possible because State mercenaries are willing to pull those triggers.

Why no remorse for dead pigs? Because war criminals like Cheney, Blair and Netanyahu continue to escape justice; because the killers of Akai Gurley and Tamir Rice and Eric Garner are still walking around; because the pigs murdered Bobby Hutton, because they murdered Fred Hampton, because they murdered George Jackson; that’s why! All sympathies and solidarity expressed on this side of the chessboard are reserved for the Wretched of the Earth, for the victims of State terror. And we have none leftover for those who inflict it.