Ukraine: Another One of America's Chickens

Ukraine: Another One of America's Chickens

While several of America’s chickens have already come home to roost – more are on the way. Recent events in Eurasia point to one such chicken.

People throughout Eastern Ukraine are voicing their demands for autonomy, as well as their opposition to the US-sponsored coup d’état in Kiev. Given pending IMF threats to cut their promised bailout package, Ukraine’s unelected government (literally) cannot afford continued unrest and separatism in the East. To that end, orders have been issued to the military to violently crush anti-Kiev protests. Accordingly, such orders have been repeatedly disobeyed. And here’s where the chicken comes home…

When the Ukrainian military has proven unwilling or unable to subdue their fellow citizens, the coup regime has employed Western-trained, Western-financed Neo-Nazi elements to inflict brutality upon The People. As was the case in Kiev in February. As was the case in Odessa last week. The carnage exacted by groups such as Right Sector is no less barbaric than any of the United States’ other chickens. Likewise, their path back home is just as plausible.

Consider the day when (not if) politicians order their enforcers to open fire on the citizenry. Leave open the probability that at least some of those troops will refuse such an immoral order. Now picture said politicians dictating from Washington instead of Kiev. Envision the population American instead of Ukrainian. All that said – among the hundreds of militia groups in the US, how many are cut from the same extreme, violent ideological cloth as Right Sector? More than a few. And like Right Sector, they would have no problem filling the terror vacuum left by disobedient troops.

Now due to increasing economic hardship at home, more and more social unrest is expected – hence the billions of bullets recently purchased by the Department of Homeland Security. Many Americans in uniform will refuse to fire those bullets at their countrymen and women. However, when they do refuse, The People should not assume that to be the end of it. For one of America’s chickens will be anxious to roost.