Revolutionary Gratitude

Literacy rates soared

thanks to a program she pioneered.

Global outreach reached new heights

with the software he engineered.

Using their own resources,

without asking for loans or grants,

they helped the people of a developing nation

build a water treatment plant.

Since they could see the impending crisis,

a future marred in economic pain,

they took it upon themselves to build

a community that's self-sustained.

She organized a worker's strike.

He planned an effective boycott.

They inflicted corporate property damage

while participating in Black Bloc.

He shared independent news,

now a few less sheep are deaf and blind.

Though not on purpose, she made a few enemies

over the course of agitating minds.


He stood in the way of the bulldozer

that tried to demolish her family’s home.

She threw tear gas back at the cops

almost immediately after it was thrown.


They engaged in guerilla warfare

and now they’re facing extreme rendition.

Tears filled his eyes when Occupy

defeated the sheriffs that tried to evict him.


Such beautiful people, I truly adore,

Because they live, they don't just exist.

On behalf of humanity, much respect

and heartfelt thanks to the activists.