The Beauty of #Brexit

The people have spoken. Isn't that the usual proclamation at the conclusion of what passes for a democratic process? The people have spoken! As if “the people” are this monolithic bloc making decisions in complete unison. The people of the United States spoke in 2008. The people spoke in Scotland in 2014. And the people spoke in Britain just this week. In each of these cases, this overrated phenomenon that we call democracy proved its failure, where essentially half the population was forced to abide by the will of the other half. This is not liberty, but rather what's known as tyranny of the majority. If half the people of America wish to be led by John McCain, if half of all Scots desire independence from Britain, if half of the British population wishes to remain in the European Union (EU), then they are all well within their rights to do so. Democracy prevented that. Fortunately for humanity, though, we have a solution. Google: voluntaryism.

That having been said, the outcome of the Brexit referendum is not all displeasing. Quite the contrary. Many working-class folk living in Britain are glad to be done with the "racist, imperialist, neoliberal monstrosity that is the EU." And as a peace-loving observer from across the pond, I consider the dismemberment of Western institutions to be nothing short of a beautifulsituation™. It is for this reason that I'd favor (another) Texas secession from the United States. Dissolving the union of former European colonies would be just as (if not more) beneficial for life on Earth as would dismantling the European Union itself. And there are already rumblings of referendums to be held in France, in the Netherlands, as well as another one in Scotland. Other nations are likely to follow suit, crippling the EU even further. Other institutions, as well, are having their legitimacy contested, NATO in particular.

Together with the petrodollar's continuously decreasing value, the IMF's diminishing role in international finance, the shrinking birthrates among Anglo-Saxons, Europe's influx of Asian and African migrants, China's increasing global economic influence and Russia's highly-formidable military prowess; this latest challenge to the West represents yet another welcomed chapter in the inevitable demise of nations, systems and ideas that have plagued our species for generations. With respect to the countless numbers of human beings who’ve endured centuries of capitalism and colonialism, the revolutionary heroines and heroes who lived and died struggling against European domination, the martyrs who did not hesitate to give their very lives so that we may live to see this moment, I am eternally grateful. Now let us tune in and bear witness as humanity’s enemies self-destruct. Peace.