My Thoughts on Independence Day: Resurgence

My Thoughts on Independence Day: Resurgence

Without any exaggeration, I can say that every movie that I’ve gone to see over at least the last decade, I’ve enjoyed. And it’s pretty simple the reason why; skepticism, criticism and cynicism are all tabled at the outset. Those things may weigh heavily in the realm of politics and social issues. But when it comes to entertainment, my only expectation is to be entertained. Nothing more or less. Independence Day: Resurgence was no different.

First off, I appreciate when the studios produce a sequel ten, fifteen, twenty years after the franchise begins. It’s always interesting to see ones beloved characters adapted into an evolved storyline. Best Man Holiday comes to mind; another excellent film. Now if only the movie gods could go ahead and bless us with that Love Jones part 2, then it’ll be on.

Second. The alien hybrid technologies featured in Independence Day were absolutely inspiring; whether it’s the luxury of moon bases and miniature spy drones or the utility of laser-powered small arms and black hole-mimicking vacuum cleaners. The showcase of futuristic technology is always welcomed.

Equally inspiring was the movie’s concluding premise – there’s hope for humanity. Similar to the first installment, Resurgence ended with the idea that as a unified force, homo-sapien-sapiens are most capable of surviving extraterrestrial threats. In fact, the sequel went a step further than the original in that regard, having friendly alien life forms actually seeking to collaborate with our species for the sake of a larger, galactic purpose. Such a beautifulsituation™.

Though the highlight of the Independence Day: Resurgence was its emphasis on Africa. That the only spacecraft from the initial invasion of 20 years ago to have landed touched down in Central Africa. That the tribesmen and rebel groups in the area successfully secured the alien technology. That one of the African leaders responsible for defeating the alien infantry turned out to be one of the most decisive, most lethal individuals involved in the conflict some 20 years later. Again, such a beautifulsituation™.

With futuristic innovations at work, carried by an inspiring storyline, a Black man who’s nice with the dual machetes, together with the groundwork laid for a third installment, it’d be an understatement to say that my streak of movies enjoyed remains intact. Peace.